Now we know that director James Cameron has pushed back the release date for his pride and joy Avatar several times. Now, the Avatar father has said that the release of part 2 and all others will not happen until around 2020.

James Cameron and his crew gathered to announced the new release dates on Facebook as you can see here.

If you follow Avatar news at all, then you already know the Avatar movies are being shot simultaneously, with a proposed production start date set for this summer. Avatar 2 will be going up against Sony Pictures’ animated movie Vivo, from creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. As for the other three sequels, they have those weekends all to themselves at the moment.

But we’re sure that will change in the next couple of years. Especially since Disney and LucasFilm have become attached to their Star Wars December release slot.

We would love to tell James to piss or get off the pot already, but hey, who are we to mess with perfection. We just hope to get to see the sequel’s at some point in our lifetime.

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