UPDATED: Beetlejuice Part 2 Rumors Have Been Confirmed By Tim Burton?!


Ever since the cult classic Beetlejuice hit theaters in 1988 there has been talk of a sequel and now ShowbizSpy can put all those rumors to rest as Tim Burton himself has confirmed the movie is a go with Warner Bros.

Rumors really started heating up Aug 11, 2015 after Winona Ryder was a guest on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show and when asked about a possible sequel she led everyone to believe that the film is a go after talking with Tim Burton though this was never confirmed. Winona said: “I think I can confirm it,” started Ryder. “It was very hush-hush top secret … but then (Tim Burton) was doing some press for ‘Big Eyes’ and and he did an on-camera interview and he said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re doing it, and Winona’s going to be in it.’ … If he said it, I can say it.” Even though Michael Keaton himself said shortly after the interview that he has not heard anything about it yet.

Ok, fast forward to the now and ShowbizSpy finally got a comment from Tim Burton through one of our spies based in London in the same biz as Tim on the movies future. Tim: “The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team, we have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona and Michael. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming.” SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!

Tim would not give any insight to how the film will play out and the script is being held like Fort Knox as it should be. All we know is that there will be a lot of fans both young and old that are going to be happy campers for sure!

[UPDATE] – A rep has gotten in contact with us and stated “Tim Burton did not confirm Beetlejuice 2 as the movie is not in development. Tim’s focus is entirely on Miss Preegrine’s Home For Peculiar Children set for a September 30 2016 release and developing Dumbo“. That is all fine and we complied with the reps request to post their comment, however we did not say it was in development. We would also like to note that Warner Bros. hired writers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith to work on a sequel, and over the past year, both Ryder and Keaton have confirmed their participation according to Variety. Now, with all of this craziness going on, because we have the absolute highest respect for Tim Burton we are going to put this post to sleep (until after Dumbo). ;)

After being called by Tim Burton’s rep and being told that there is no script, no plans, no development and Tim never said what our spy reported, we where able to find this video thanks to the great guys at MovieWeb of Tim himself discussing that the script was in fact being worked on as early as 2012.

Here is a clip from the famous original Beetlejuice from 1988:

Here is video of Winona talking about the film on Late Night With Seth Meyers back in August of 2015:

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  • Greg

    Damn, I hope Tim knows what he was doing. Nothing worse than a classic film being remade that sucks.

    • Hero

      It’s not a remake anyway.

  • Hugh Mcgee

    “Insight ” not ” incite “. Jeez.

    • Thanks for catching the grammatical error. Fixed ;)

  • Robyn

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…….. Beetlejuice! Show Time!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait!

  • Goth Love 420

    About damn time!!!!!

  • Gloria_Wasuupp

    I bet they are just waiting until he is done with the movies he is working on now. A lot of times studios have movies set up already to be made/shot for several years and I bet that is the case here.

  • Jay Noel

    Something “fishy” with your sources and your fact checking

  • Nancy Longdell

    Grrr… And the mystery continues, come on Tim let’s do this, I am getting antsy for the new film!

  • Spider_Old_Man

    I think Showbiz is right Tim said at the Comic Con that the script was ready to go. I know because I was there!

    • Jay Noel

      but that is not what SBS claimed Mr. “I was there”. They didn’t mention the coment came from CC.. They said..”ShowbizSpy finally got a comment from Tim Burton through an anonymous source based in London in the biz on the movies future”…so really what happened here is SBS wrote up a phony story to get clicks and conversions on their ads..kind of like how KK put out a sextape to get famous

      • Jay Noel

        Im sure it worked for SBS too…publish your daily average analytics and then show us todays stats.

  • Cory

    Look, we know that the script is done this much has been confirmed by Warner Bros. themselves and both Winona and Michael have said they are on the Beetlejuice train also confirmed via several sources. So, I would assume the source is correct, but from a PR standpoint you do not want to take away from what you are working on currently. If I was a betting man (and I am) look for the sequel to start filming after Tim is done with Dumbo.

  • frank johnson

    all of this saying that is fake is a LIE

  • Juice_Me

    If anything this would be done as a reboot not a sequel. But you guys need to take it easy on Showbiz-Spy as Tim Burton has retracted his comments, what now like 20 times? He always says something and then his reps go back and do clean up. I am with the masses on this one, it will happen I am sure but more than likely after he is done with DUMBO. Just the thought of this puppy given the green light is enough hope for me and at the speed this went viral, shows the public wants it bad.

    • Rick


  • Mark Walters

    Tim Burton’s people are saying this article is a lie. Comment on that, ShowbizSpy?

    • We are sticking by our source, as usual you will see at some point that we are correct and our source was/is solid.

      • Mark Walters

        Then maybe you can comment as to why Tim Burton’s rep would give an official comment in direct reference to your article saying that, “Tim did not provide a statement to confirm Beetlejuice 2 as the movie is not in development.”

        • Like we said in the update. “There is something fishy going on.” The rep also said on the phone call “there is no script that has been worked on” and that has been confirmed to be incorrect as Warner Bros. does in fact have a script ready to roll. We are just going to sit back, wait for the official announcement of production and then say we told you so… as always. ;)

  • IMBD Troll

    I see the problem here… Movie studios have movies in the “ready” for years without announcing and trying to keep all details on the down low. And what is happening here is that by you guys putting all this buzz with your inside info about part 2 of Beetlejuice, there really is a script and it is ready to go, this then takes away buzz from what Tim is currently working on. I am sure it is a go, just a matter of when. Good stuff!

  • JCamp

    Dont believe it fam, this article is click bait, already been debunked by a Tim Burton rep. BOOLshit ALERT!