Well, it has now been confirmed 100% that Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott that got his big break in the music industry in 2012 are having a baby girl.

The confirmation came by way of TMZ that Kylie os over 5 months pregnant, and Scott has been blabbing about the news to all of his friends.

Sources are claiming that Kylie was a bit upset that Scott was telling everyone, due to momager Kris Jenner wanting to cash in on the news, and now they can’t as the cats out of the bag.

Now both Kylie and Kim (who is using a surrogate as to not ruin her body again) look to be having their kids about the same time.

Ex-boyfriend Tyga is claiming in public that he is cool with the news of Kylie being pregnant, however our sources are telling us that Tyga is extremely butt hurt about the entire baby news.

Fun Fact: Travis once claimed that Kanye was like a father to him, well at least now you will be in the family for real! The final hazing will more than likely be a sex tape with Kylie at some point, of course that is if history really does repeat itself.

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