Did 90’s Sitcom “Friends” Cast Required to Sign a “No Sex” Contract Agreement?


Last night, cast members from television sitcoms such as: Taxi, Frasier, Will & Grace and Friends reunited to celebrate the career of the great television director, James Burrows, who also co-created Cheers.

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All the Friends, minus one, reunited. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc got back together (Matthew Perry couldn’t make it as he was in London).

So, what was the one burning question on everyone’s mind? Host Andy Cohen, of Watch What Happens: Live, asked the five stars the truth about whether they had to sign a “no-sex contract”, as in, the actors and actresses were legally forbidden from sleeping with each other.

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Schwimmer, who now stars in  American Crime Story, looked as if the idea of a “no-sex clause” in their contracts was completely absurd. While Cohen was definitely hoping to reveal some juicy tidbits to make us Friends fiends frenzy, you can’t really blame him for asking these six gorgeous people who portrayed our favorite NYC friends about the rumor. While the group denied the contract ever existing, Schwimmer did joke “if they had signed it, the contract would have been broken.” Now, before you go speculating which members of the cast actually hooked up, we’re fairly certain, that Schwimmer was just making a quick quip!

Here’s the entire segment for your Friends fix:

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