We love when our spies are correct! We had reported in March that Jon Snow was caught on camera filming in Northern Ireland for the hit series Game of Thrones season 6. Now our spies have been confirmed being 100% correct yet again.

At the end of tonight’s episode Melisandre was asked to please try and bring back Jon Snow from the dead. The Red Woman cleaned his wounds on the table he laid on, and then repeated the life chant. After giving it a few attempts his body still laid on the table lifeless, so they all left the building, at which point, boom! Jon came out of his death and back into the real world again. Thank the gods!

This episode was filled with a ton of awesomeness, setting up the next few episodes that are going to be some real humdingers.

The big question now, is will Jon continue to be the do-gooder or will his assassination attempt, change the man so many have loved.

Ironically, next week’s episode is titled “Oath breaker,” which suggests the show may finally be incorporating some of Jon’s knottier A Dance with Dragons material, and sending his character in some interesting directions.

We shall see in the upcoming episodes.

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