Yet again, The New York Post who has been trying like hell to get into celebrity reporting has been busted providing false accusations, that they can not back up.

This time the Post is claiming: “Fallon was warned to cut back on his boozing by NBC chiefs.” The tabloid quotes a so-called “NBC insider” as saying, “There were fears that Fallon was out of control and something could happen while he’s out drinking.” The alleged source adds, “Things got so serious at one stage that execs feared that Jimmy was splitting up with his wife over his drinking, but they patched things up.”

NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt tells the Post, “Any suggestion that we have concerns about [Fallon’s] behavior or have given him any kind of warning is completely false.”

Showbiz Spy also reached out to our contact at the show and we are being told: “The rumors about Jimmy being an alcoholic are completely false, if anyone knows anything about Jimmy, they know he likes to smoke his weed and that is about it.”

So there ya go, yet again The New York Post has been busted making shit up trying to get that traffic going.

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