Katy Perry Gives Two Sh*ts About Sex Rumors Of Her Man Orlando Bloom And Selena Gomez


Rumors have been rampant lately on several authority celeb sites of a Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez having a fu*k buddy relationship. Also saying that Katy is “devastated” about the rumors.

Well we can confirm 100% those rumors are crap as Katy and Orlando were just spotted getting very cozy on a luxury yacht over the weekend, as they soaked up the sun in Cannes, and made the most of the warm weather in the south of France.

Sites like TMZ and HollywoodLife jumped the gun a bit after some pics surfaced showing Orlando and Selena leaving a Hotel together. However, what the tabloids “forgot” to mention was that they were there with other friends, and just happened to be leaving the restaurant in the hotel at the same time. The bigger reason for the jumping of the gun is said to be that Selena and Orlando have had relations in the past, though neither Orlando or Selena will confirm anything sexual.

Katy even took to Twitter in defense of her man posting:

Selena then posted her own Tweet in response to Katy’s saying:

So it would appear the Katy like we said could care less about the rumors of Orlando and Selena getting it on, she even went on record with local paparazzi on Sat night saying on record that “Gossip sites like TMZ needs to chill the fu*k out on the bull sh*t they are trying to jam down the public’s face.”