Paris Jackson who as we all know is one of the heirs to the Michael Jackson fortune, has decided the time has come to take over Hollywood and make her daddy proud.

Paris who when younger was shrouded in mystery, always wearing a veil over her face to hide from the paparazzi announced to local media: “I am ready to take on Hollywood in an acting/modeling career now. She has already done a ton of modeling gigs throughout the world for several popular magazines, all fighting for the chance to shoot her, and get that press action.

Anyone that follows Paris knows a few things, one she is a major hippy girl that loves her marijuana, and does not take shit from anyone.

Insiders close to Jackson are telling us that this is no joke… “Paris really does want to start working in Hollywood, and make her father (Michael Jackson) proud. She has kind of tired out from just bumming around all the time, and would like to get serious with her future.”

Hey we are all for it, as we love Paris and believe that she could accomplish some great things… especially with those damn sexy eyes and attitude of hers. We love it!

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