As we all know by now Mariah Carey had a faulty lip sync issue on live tv new years night.

Carey claimed during her performance that she couldn’t hear through her monitors. The situation quickly devolved in front of 1 million revelers and a worldwide television audience on ABC.

Carey’s official statement: “Carey alerted production and the stage managers that her ear piece was not working. “They told her it would be fine once she was on stage,” she says. “However, that was not the case and they were again told that her ear piece was not working. Instead of endeavoring to fix the issue so that Mariah could perform, they went live.”

Carey was intent on honoring her commitment and therefore took the stage, essentially “flying blind,” the rep continues. As for singing to a track, “it is not uncommon for artists to sing to track during certain live performances.”

The shows production had a different view… claiming: “Carey, had ample time to rehearse and chose not to.” The insider adds that Carey used a body double to rehearse in her place earlier on New Year’s Eve day and that, even though the singer did not do a vocal run-through, “all was working” on the technical side.”

“Every monitor and in-ear device worked perfectly. I can’t comment beyond that and don’t know what her nontechnical issue may have been.”

Here is the performance “mixup”

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