Miley Cyrus Little Sister Noah Cyrus Signs Writing / Recording Deal With No Content Yet?!


Today’s news just goes to show, that it is not what you know but who you know, as Miley Cyrus’s little sister has already signed a 6 figure record deal without ever stepping foot in a recording studio.

Noah who is only 16 signed 2 contracts, one that will pay her $250k for recording her first album and another, for writing that album will get her $100k according to docs obtained by TMZ. If her first album becomes produces any hit single, she will then get at least $1.5M for her next set of work.

Noah Cyrus

Noah has been called by many the ugly duckling of the family, but with time and a little help we are sure that she will be right up there with big sis Miley. Disney studios has also showed intrest in Noah with a few small part roles in some of their shows/movies.

Miley loves her little sister more than life itself, and has said that she will be a huge star, she guarantees it.

Billy Ray has also gone public saying that Noah has recently showed great interest in following father and sisters footsteps in the entertainment industry.