Star Wars: The Force Awakens On Blu Ray Hits Torrent Sites 2 Weeks Ahead Of Official Release


The Walt Disney Company has gone above and beyond in trying to protect its franchise film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ however, it has been all for not. Just 2 weeks before the official release to the public, some popular torrent sites have been letting users download the Blu Ray version in masses for free.

If you remember Disney has sued over images, skipped award shows, not kept press in the loop and had implants in theaters across the world to catch crooks trying to record its movies.

The Walt Disney Company Antipiracy Group talked with Showbiz Spy stating: “We can see that the film has been downloaded now over 1 million times and we have notified several sites about action if our works are not immediately removed. We are also submitting the appropriate paperwork to track down individual offenders through their ISP’s (scary!). The only problem we run into is the minute that one is taken down under a term another pops up 2 seconds later under a different term and these torrent sites know this. We have contacted the FBI on this issue and will go from there.”

Watch out Torrents, remember Kim Dot Com.

A word of warning to those thinking about going and downloading off a torrent… your ISP will be notified and Disney can include you in any kind of mass/individual lawsuit including criminal charges, it happens all the time, even putting people in jail. So our advice is to steer clear of the Torrent sites and enjoy your freedom.