Uggg, our beloved Carrie Fisher turns out had some major issues with both street and RX drugs before her untimely death.

The Star Wars actress that played the role of Princes Leia, has been confirmed by the L.A. County Coroner to have had cocaine, opiates, hydrocodone and the party drug MDMA known as ecstasy, and heroin in her system.

Several reports had come out prior to the celebs death, claiming that she had some major RX issues, and that Dr’s just continued to provide whatever she wanted. The claims though were constantly denied by the actress and those close to her.

The report says it’s unclear how much of a role, if any, the drugs played in her death on Dec. 27.

All we know is she and so many others will be missed… and how the hell is weed still illegal… yet all of these prescription drugs (providing the same feeling of pain relief and relaxation as marijuana that never kills anyone) killing people every single day are not? WTF IS REALLY GOING ON HERE?!

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