Star magazine recently reported that Kristen Stewart was extremely rude to the server and staff, at a recent visit to Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood.

Star reported that Kristen was “outrageously rude, yelling, bossy and overall a customer from hell.” Also claiming “sources” reporting that “It was as if she was trying to show off for her date. Some guys think bossing a waitress around is impressive, when really they just look like a jerk.”

Well a quick phone call from ourselves and GossipCop have debunked the story as a completely false made up claim. GC called the manager first and reported: “the publication’s account of events never happened. What’s more, the manager says Stewart has visited the restaurant numerous times, and has always been an amazing customer.”

ShowbizSpy decided to double check, and sure as sh*t the manager said to us that: “The story was completely fabricated, and as proof… Kristen left a hefty 30% tip to the assigned waitress.”

We are not sure what Star has against Kristen, but this is not the first time they have been caught making up stories about the actress being a difficult/rude customer, that turned out to be false.

So to the authors at Star Magazine… Next time let’s make some phone calls to confirm your “sources”, before you slam people for being pricks.

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