Sources report that Monday evening cops responded to a call of DMX not breathing with no pulse. Rumors went around initially stating that he has suffered an asthma attack.

Officers in Yonkers responded to the call at the Ramada Inn at approx. 6 pm. When responders arrived they found DMX on the ground in the parking lot. Officers quickly determined he was not breathing and had not pulse. Responders performed CPR until his pulse returned.

One witness on the scene claims to have seen DMX ingest some sort of power and then became unconscious. Responders administered Narcan to counter possible narcotic ingestion. After doing so he became “somewhat conscious” and was taken to a nearby hospital.



DMX says he did not ingest any narcotics but had been having an issue with bronchitis for a couple of days. It is reported that he requested his asthma inhaler before he passed out. He is still currently in the hospital under observation.


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