What a trooper! Josephine Georgiou the young girl whos boobie was flashed to the world, after Madonna yanked down her shirt on stage at the concert in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday night says, she “will not sue Madonna” She goes on to say: “It was one of the best moments in my life.” Man we need more fans like this!

This entire nip slip ordeal happened after Madonna called the young girl up on stage during the concert for being so beautiful in the front row and said: “She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass isn’t she?!” At which point she then grabbed the young girls tube top and yanked it down showing the girls goods to everyone and then quickly says: “Oh S**T, sorry sorry”

People took to social media like wild fire calling Madonna basically everything in the book and wondering why she has been acting so extremely weird lately at her concerts. One thing is for sure they are getting their monies worth now!

The social outcry for the young girl to sue Madonna went no where as she stood her ground saying: “I would never sue someone I respect for a mistake, that is not who I am.”

Our spies have been in full force in this event and have been told that with the respect the girl has shown Madonna, she is going to be helping the aspiring model land some gigs.

Here is the video of the boobie nip slip moment caught on video:

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