Curtis Jackson AKA ’50 Cent’ got arrested for saying mother fucker at the St Kitts Music Festival on June 25th.  Profanity in public is against the law in St Kitts.  To 50 Cent’s defense he was not planning on performing at the show just hosting.  His spokeswoman, Amanda Ruisi had this to say, “Mr. Jackson was only booked to host the show”.  She explained “When he arrived at the festival, organizers asked him to perform, he obliged, and used the DJ they had there. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance. The show was a great success, and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the ‘motherf*****s’ in the United States.  She also added  “He went to court today and paid a fine and is on his way home.”

But according to our spies he was told before hand the consequences of using foul language there.  In fact DMX was arrested for the same thing in 2003, at the same music fest.  The violation came when he performed P.I.M.P. singing the words mother fucker several times in the song.  50 Cent has had several run ins with the law so our thought is it’s just part of the game.  Plus helluva story to tell the grandkids.

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