Ariana Grande Insider Says Producer David Guetta Knew He Was Jacking Hit Single ‘One Last Time’


It has come to light that an insider in the Ariana Grande camp is saying: “David knew he was copying music from famous songwriter Alex Greggs”.

The song in question is Ariana’s 2014 hit single One Last Time. The beef is that Alex produced ‘Takes All Night’ for Skye Stevens in 2012 that sounds “very familiar”.

In the lawsuit documents obtained by the court, Greggs claims Ariana and producer/dj David Guetta who came up with the song ‘One Last Time’, blatantly duplicated the most memorable part of his song … the damn chorus!

Our insider is telling us, Ariana had no idea whatsoever about the copy, but David knew damn well what he was doing.

Alex Greggs is suing for a large % of the profits from money made off the song by Ariana One Last Time.

In our humble opinion, we honestly think the jury will side with Alex, but we want to hear what you think… So listen to the two tracks below, and see what you think. Do they sound alike to you?