The Backstreet Boys got back doored by a woman claiming to be able to lock in 10 gigs for the band in China.

TMZ broke the story that a woman named Angela Wong lied her ass off about being a successful concert promoter, in fact even going as far as saying she was the hands behind Britney Spears Asian tour.

After hearing from Wong and seeing how well Britney with her Asian tour the BSB concert touring company forked over $2M for her to get to work for the band that would be coming in March 2016. Only problem though is she has done nothing more than spend the money.

The Backstreet Boys showed up to tour around the dates agreed upon but are now being handled by a legit concert promoter in the area. So now, the BSB promoters have filed a lawsuit to get back their cash asap. She already ponied up around $700k but said she will need to work on getting the rest back to them. The courts have all the documentation now and are setting up the court dates.

Here is a video of Backstreet Boys touring in Japan 2015:

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