Jas Prince Waiting On Fat Check For Drake Royalties


Jas Prince is almost a very rich man, we say almost because a check has not been cut yet.

Jas is the guy who hooked up Drake with Cash Money Records and Aspire Music Group in exchange for a chunk of his royalties. Only thing is that he has not seen a dime yet. So he sued and in the last meeting terms where agreed on and now he is just waiting on his check.

The exact amount has not been published but when he suit was filed he was owed over $11M so now much more after the initial filed suit that amount could be triple that amount.

Jas was stopped by paparazzi asking about the details but he was tight lipped saying: “I am not saying s**t till I get paid”. Smart move my man, smart move.

Sources: TMZ, HuffingtonPost, AccessHollywood

Here is video of Jas talking about hooking up Drake with he crew: