Miley Cyrus Goes Full Nude For Paper Magazine


Yup, it is true Miley Cyrus goes completely nude for Paper magazine shortly after Kim Kardashian did her full nude frontal and almost “broke the internet”. Miley of course was a bit more classy by painting her naughty bits (Kim Kardashian let it all hang out) but people are still asking why Miley would do such a funky photo shoot deal with Paper… and we just say, look at the tattoo under her boob that says “Just Because”.

If you want to see all the pictures that Paper took of Miley Cyrus in the photoshoot, click here – nsfw

All of this is happening at the same time she is talking about all the Miley Cyrus sex tape video rumors with Patrick and her new lesbian lover.

Here is one of our favorite videos of Miley doing her crazy self things as well: