Prince’s death still seems unbelievable even a year after the music mogul overdosed on the pain killer Fentanyl.

However, recent documents released from the original search warrant detail just how bad his addiction was.

There was hundreds of pills found throughout the house of all kinds (Oxy, Hydro, Fentanyl, Roxys etc.). Also found was Ondansetron Hydrochloride, also known as Zofran, a medication sometimes used to lessen the side effects of opiate withdrawal.

“Prince knew he had a problem with pain killers and several times tried to wing himself off, though always unsuccessful” says close personal friend “Red”.

NBC News reports that unspecified controlled substances were also found next to handwritten “U Got the Look” lyrics in a suitcase bearing the name “Peter Bravestrong,” an often-used Prince alias. (The search warrants revealed that Prince’s personal email address was [email protected])

Both Prince’s physician Dr. Michael Schulenberg and his longtime bodyguard and assistant Kirk Johnson admitted to facilitating the artist with some controlled substances – Schulenberg said one oxycodone prescription for Prince was made out to Johnson “for Prince’s privacy” – but, at the time of the search warrant, investigators were unable to track the source of the powerful painkiller Fentanyl that Prince accidentally overdosed on.

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