Oh god, we have lost one of the best artists that have ever lived!

Prince has officially been confirmed dead at the young age of 57 after his body was discovered at the Paisley Park compound, where he had a place to record and sleep there.

As we previously reported, he had gotten sick and had to make an emergency landing. However, got back on and went to preform at the concert against Dr. orders.

There is rumors that there was an underlining condition that was not publicly known, and as of now foul play is being ruled out. However, all we know is that he had influenza and that kills over 30k people a year. He was also on some heavy meds and one of our spies has confirmed that he “was taking meds to help him sleep”, though we do not know what the prescription was.

One of the saddest parts of his untimely death is it was just announced he was getting ready to write his memoir in a book called The Beautiful Ones.

Prince is a 7 time Grammy winner, and has turned out over 100,000,000 album sales from 39 solo albums, with an Academy Award for Purple Rain In 1985.

Social media is blowing up with support:

They go on and on forever, as they should.

His music is hard to find online but here is a few we found:

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  • Nomimal

    This writer knows nothing, ignore them. Influenza is a particular set of viruses that generally strikes about 2% of the US population a year. What most people call the flu is actually “flu like symptoms” caused by rhinovirus and not classified as influenza. Whether it is influenza or rhinovirus, it is rarely deadly and neither is more deadly than the other. The danger lies with the very young, the very old, and those with a compromised immune system. The flu season just ending there were 14,000 cases reported for the year and the pediatric is about 50, compare that to 114 pediatric deaths the year before. Pediatric deaths are used because this is confirmed cases. in adults they do not confirm and must estimate. The season just ended mid April. The 30K deaths number give is worldwide and rarely reflective of the US. The chance Prince had influenza is small, the chance he died of it is even smaller. The reason likely lies elsewhere.

    • Ronnie L.

      CNN and Fox also reported that it may have been influenza. Your info is very good, seems a lot of media companies don’t understand diseases/viruses.