UPDATE: Chris Brown Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon


At this point the authorities are still at the #ChrisBrown house. Chris HAS NOT been arrested. Honestly though, Facebook live is hoping they’ll get their first real time celebrity arrest.

Brown is accused of pulling a gun on a woman for touching his friend’s piece of jewelry.

TMZ is saying the woman then tried to leave with her friend but Chris Brown’s handlers/security/friends took her phone and wanted her to sign a non disclosure agreement.
She managed to leave and call 911.

Police arrived at Brown’s house and he shut the door on them and said they needed a warrant. So they got a warrant!

Witnesses were seen coming in and out of Breezy’s house all day. Paparazzi and tv networks flooded the scene once the search warrant was delivered.

Brown came out of the home at one point. He sat on the sidewalk outside his door with a female companion. They later motioned for him to go back inside.

We’ll continue to update the story.