OOPS! Seems Miley Cyrus has been wrapped up in a bit of scandal in the 2016 presidential race herself, after claiming to fans that she was randomly knocking on doors at George Mason University last month.

According to reports, emails between a university admin and a parent of a student at the school, provided under a state public records request by the nearby Americans for Limited Government Foundation, the event was little more than a university-coordinated photo opportunity, as the students Cyrus was to meet with had already been pre-selected to participate.

Yet, when the doors are answered, the students are acting (with a big emphasis on acting) like “OMG IT’S MILEY CYRUS!”

Here is the video portraying that the individuals had no idea why Miley was at their door, yet as the information proves, they had already been notified prior to the knock. In the reports, they also made sure to hit up democrats. Sounds like the current polling. lol

Dr. Thomas Hardy, Assistant Dean for University Life: “Ms. Cyrus visited previously identified students as a pre-approved guest of those rooms,” Hardy explained. “She was escorted by her host at all times, and there was no random door knocking, as that would be solicitation — which is a violation of residence hall policy.”

This comes as no surprise to us, as we exclusively reported that the entire Hollywood industry, right to the very top are all in bed with the democratic party, and any that oppose the views of the big wigs running things, usually don’t last in the city of celebs.

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    As if. This is all lies made up by the far-right Breitbart News. “Made sure to hit up Democrats”? It was at a University, how many Republicans do you expect to find? Republicans are older and poorly educated, very few Republicans have a further education, a lot didn’t even complete High School. Students (and Millennials as a whole) are overwhelmingly Democrats.