Amber Heard is letting Johnny Depp know up front that she wants her cut of the actors money, and Depp fears what the amount may be since he is worth about a gazillion dollars.

Known to run her mouth about every single aspect of her relationship with Depp either true or not, Amber is now gunning with her team of attorneys to get every single last financial statement for Depp they can find.

However, Depp’s attorneys are saying they will not release any more documents to his ex, until after she decides to stop running her mouth to the media, and sign a gag order on future financial information provided.

Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp May of 2016, citing irreconcilable differences and is asking the court for spousal support. She showed up at the Los Angeles courthouse with a bruise near her right eye that she claimed was a result of Depp throwing a cell phone at her face. Though the rumors are that it was self inflicted, though she was granted a temporary restraining order by the judge. All of this just days after Johnny’s mother died, after a long battle with illness.

The couple have only been married around a year or so, and Amber claims that Johnny is extremely abusive in their relationship. However, those around the couple are saying it is the other way around, and that Amber in fact is the one constantly causing fights. Even Depp’s ex-wife of 14 years and the mother of his two children, French actress Vanessa Paradis said that he would never even think about hitting another woman. Saying: “Johnny is one of the most caring compassionate people I have ever known, Amber in my opinion is lying to try and get the most money she can out of him, plain and simple.”

Either way, Amber is after Depp’s enormous bankroll, and from what it looks like, she will stop at nothing to get every last cent she feels should be coming to her from the year long marriage.

I bet Johnny is kicking himself in the arse, for not having that rock solid prenup in place. Oops!

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  • Marie-Laure Simon

    She’s such a disgusting woman…. And Johnny Depp such a stupid man. We could smell the bitch and the gold digger through the screen. Everyone could see how fake and superficial she was. Only Johnny Depp was not smart enough to realize it. Anyway, I hope she will get the treatment she deserves. Like being blacklisted in Hollywood. Or worse…

  • Marie-Laure Simon

    Everybody can see through her. And most people could see through her from the start of their relationship. She’s a gold digger, she always looked that way and she proves us right. I hope this will ruin her career. Hopefully, a few years from now, we won’t hear from her anymore and we’ll be left wondering how Johnny Depp could be stupid and blind enough to marry her.

    • Spotlight

      Agree 100% she was in the relationship the entire time for his money. To drop a bomb on him right after losing his mother is just cruel.