As we previously reported, Amber Heard changed her mind and wanted more support $$$$ from Johnny Depp after their brutal public break up and divorce, after thinking about how much the actor was really worth.

However, it seems no one is buying what Heard is trying to sell to the courts anymore.

After only a year of marriage, Amber was asking for basically a life of never having to worry about money again, but the judge in the case was thinking a bit different. Amber wanted more than the $7M already paid by Johnny, and now she wanted more and her attorney fee’s paid as well. The judge was not having it and finalized the divorce as is, and claimed that each will pay their own attorney fee’s.

Amber was obviously completely pissed off, and stormed out of her attorney office, looking as though she was going to kill someone. lol

Johnny Depp has released a statement saying: “The entire situation was very unfortunate, but I am glad we have come to the end of the road on this entire ordeal, and now we can both get on with our future. I only wish her (Amber Heard) the best in where life takes her.”

Johnny being the big man, we love it, such a class act!

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