Amber Heard Refuses To Go Under Oath Or Provide Documentation In Deposition Because She Is A Liar Says Sources!


Yup as we expected, Amber Heard showed up to court, but refused to go into the court room and be sworn in under oath on the domestic abuse case against her ex Johnny Depp.

TMZ reported that Amber showed up around 11:50 AM Saturday for a 10 AM deposition with her attorneys looking to rob Johnny Depp in the divorce. She was there until around 9 PM but never even walked in the deposition room, where lawyers, a court reporter and videographer were all waiting for her testimony.

Amber and her divorce attorneys was asked repeatedly to please go give her deposition, and after hours of waiting, they finally gave up. At this point, Johnny’s attorneys said that this was ridiculous and requested charges be dropped against him.

This melt down goes along with what Depp’s close friends have been claiming all along, that she is not right in the head, and constantly tries to create drama and push buttons.

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife and long term partner Vanessa Paradis had even gone on record saying that there is no way Johnny got abusive with Amber, as he never even lifted a finger in their long relationship, and always had the utmost respect for women at all times.

The reason this is so important is that Johnny is worth a gazillion dollars, and if he was charged with domestic abuse, it would be that much easier for Amber to drain the mans massive bank account that she was with for only 1 year.