As we previously reported Lil Wayne is pretty sure he is getting screwed by Birdman on the $100M cash advance their company received for recordings.

Now, a Judge is forcing Birdman to open the books and show Lil Wayne exactly where the money has gone. Lil Wayne is telling us that he has seen nothing but “bull sh*t” paperwork that makes no sense, and no receipts of where the cash went.

The Cash Money attorneys are telling Lil Waynes attorneys and the judge that they have not kept very good records as far as a paper trail (More than likley meaning they have been blowing the money on items not tied to recording). Birman’s attorneys are saying it is what it is and we will provide any documents we can, though we have already turned over 20,000 pages. Lil Wayne’s attorneys are saying that the “documents” that Cash Money has turned over are nothing more than a way to create confusion, and the judge in the case agreed.

The Birdman has 30days to provide all receipts of the missing $70M or else!

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Our spies close to the action have also let us know, that Cash Money is being “looked” at by the IRS and state of California for fraud on the down low!!! Holy crap, this could get real nasty, real quick if the IRS finds out that there is some major funny business going on in the organization as well. So, it may actually be a good thing that Lil Wayne has been left out in the cold with the Cash Money finances.

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