Blac Chyna has been in the news big time for several reasons as of late… Claims of Rob Kardashian telling people close to him that Dream may not be his son, and now alleged managers from her stripper days are claiming they have not been paid anything on her 50% earnings contract, in spite of a signed contract.

Jason Alston and Lincoln Hayes of Infinite Grind Multimedia say they signed Blac Chyna back in June 2007 to a 10-year contract which made them her managers. They claim the deal called for her to fork over 50% of her earnings during that period. The contract was signed prior to Blac breaking her way out of the strip club, and getting with Rob Kardashian.

IGM is looking for more than $3M in payments by June, and a financial audit of Blac’s earnings since 2007.

Blac has gone radio silent and has not responded to the request, nor has she responded to the claims that Dream may not be Rob Kardashians kido.

Blac has also, been rumored to be working a deal to “leak” some of the confirmed Blac Chyna sex tape videos, due in part to money problems. Blac has confirmed that she has videos with Rob, Tyga and a few other celebs that may “surprise us”. You may also remember that a while back, Chyna claimed that her house was robbed and some tapes where taken from her safe. We would say, look for new sex tapes of Blac hitting the web any day now.

At this point, there is not really anything that surprises us in regards to Blac.

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