Well the day has finally come, Blac Chyna has popped out Rob Kardashians new baby girl they named “Dream” at 9:18 AM weighing in at 7 pounds 5 oz.

The entire birth has been a mess at the hospital as it is against hospital rules to film in the delivery room, and they have so much security around to stop anyone from taking any pictures, it looks like the secret service is involved.

Blac has said that she wants to get paid BIG for first photos and video of the new Kardashian kid, and it seems as though she was not playing around.

Sources close to the family are telling us that the birth of Dream is going to net Rob and Blac somewhere around $5-10M, with photo rights, video and interviews. DAMN!

Rob and Blac are also said to be back on with their relationship, after Chyna made a oops moment with her Instagram rant against Wendy Williams, letting the cat out of the bag on their relationship a bit early.

Rob and Blac have gone radio silent on social media, due to all the contracts they have set up to get paid. Make money money, make money money money! LOL

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