Don’t Fall For The Click Bait, Rumors Of Brad Pitt’s Death Are Completely False!


Ok people come on now, when you see a post on Facebook that has extreme celebrity news, that broke from some site you have never heard of before. It is almost 99.9% of the time nothing more than click bait.

We can not understand how people still continuously fall for this scam, but they do as we have sen today, when the news of Brad Pitt’s death went viral, spreading the rumor like wildfire.

ShowbizSpy contacted Brad’s rep personally, and they have confirmed: “Brad is not dead, he is fine and there is absolutely no health issues of any kind. The story going around is completely false.”

The site that we will not even mention appearing to be Fox News is basically trying to steal your information. Once you click on the link and if you fill out the information and click submit, you are done… the hackers will have your content. SO DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Remember the best advice is, that if something gives you any type of feeling that it may not be legit. Pass on it!

Keep safe, and stay smart!