Our spies in the Drake/RiRi camp are telling us that Drake was not happy at all, after Rihanna freaked out while Chris Brown’s house was surrounded by police in a stand off.

Rihanna was on her phone non-stop trying to get Chris to reply to her that he was ok during the standoff. After Chris never responded, Rihanna started to freak out and this did not sit well with Drake. Drake was telling his boys that “I can not see how she could possibly give a shit about that piece of trash, unbelievable.”

A Hollywood life source also went public about how worried RiRi was about her first love. “Of course Rihanna is worried about Chris after hearing about the police being at his house,” said the insider. “She knows how hard he’s been trying to be the best dad he can be to Royalty. This kind of drama doesn’t make him look good. She’s hoping it was all a big misunderstanding for Chris’ sake.”

We are going to assume that because of all this most recent news, and the fact that Drake has shown publicly how he is not happy that Rihanna has showed so much concern for her ex-lover. We are going to bet that the Riri and Drake relationship is soon to be “no more”.

On a side note, Drake has women knocking his door down 24/7, so a breakup with Rihanna would not devastate him one bit we assume.

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