Erin Andrews $75 Million Dollar Peeping Tom Law Suit Against Marriot


Erin Andrews who is famous for being the host of Dancing With The Stars and the most beautiful sports reporter Fox has ever had is not letting the peeping tom law suit go away anytime soon. Erin filed an amendment to her original 2011 suit against the Marriott where her stalker Michael Barrett set up a camera catching Erin naked and then posted the content for all to see.

The law suit says that the Marriott was negligent for providing a room next to Erin’s at Michael’s request and her attorneys believe that she has a very strong case against the hotel chain.

Defense attorneys for the Marriott asked exactly what she wanted from them and that is where the amendment stats she wants $75mil in damages.

Here is the court records and new claim.

Sources: TMZ, The Smoking Gun

If you are unfamiliar with Erin Andrews here she is in all of her glory in an interview with Letterman:

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