Three cool grandmothers watch the Kim Kardashian nsfw adult video and while watching the video their expressions are simply priceless.

It all starts when one asks the other have you seen her (Kim Kardashian) video? The other replies, “huh?” Then they proceed to and have some good laughs!

“Wait… who’s holding it? Two hands!
The end is purple.
What’s taking him so long? He’s so young.
She’s just laying there.
That’s a Brazilian.
That’s what Greeks do… from the back.”

After watching the video they laughed for several hours discussing the footage they had just seen together. This is a great video:

[UPDATE] – These funny grandma’s have been killing it in commercials lately with a most recent appearance with Kia motors.

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  • Black Love

    hahaha saying that the head is purple? lmao I love the look on thier faces when they see Ray J’s meat wagon… Epic!

  • Rice Burner

    Great Video, very funny stuff

  • SexTape Admin

    Yeah we thought this was a great find for all those that have seen the real video!

  • Shagger

    Good find guys!

  • KimK

    Love the part where the ladie on the left said Kim is grabbing it with 2 hands and there is still space between her hands HAHAHAH!

  • lookin

    You know them old bitches was all wet downstairs HAHA!

    • Busted

      that’s just gross man! Funny yes but gross yuk

  • troy locker

    This is so funny