Hefe Wine Says I Got The Iggy Azalea Sex Tapes Right Here!


Hefe Wine is on a mission to release the sex tapes of Iggy Azalea that he says he has from when he managed her both as her manager and lover.

Iggy went to Twitter and said he was full of s**t but then Hefe leaked some still images from the video he has of Iggy and then she changed her tune saying: “If you are so cold heart’ed as to do some shady s**t like that I will see you in court.” Hmmm seems to us she has a little something to be worried about after all.

Hefe goes on to tell TMZ that he has the absolute right to any recorded content that Iggy made while under his management as she signed a exclusive contract and this includes any video (meaning the naughty ones).

Iggy has already contacted her attorneys and we are waiting to see what comes of this huge sex tape mess.