Hillary Clintons wing-woman aid has decided that her husband Anthony Weiner sexting little girls with dick pics, and masterbation videos was the last straw.

Huma filed for divorce on the 19th in New York City saying in a public statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband.”

Anthony will be doing some time for his crimes, and will more than likely have to register as a sexual offender according to New York State law when he is released on probation.

There is still an ongoing investigation as to why Huma was forwarding top secret documents to her husbands computer, putting all the dirty little government secrets in a folder called “Insurance”. Most believe though that the folder name was code for, “if I disappear or get into any shit, break glass on the folder.”

There is also video of Abedin going around said to be a sex tape with her man Weiner, however we have looked at the video, and though very close in appearance we can not make out the faces as they are never shown, so we can not yet confirm. Though we have been contacted about an even longer video at around 30min that does clearly show the couples face having sex in the bathroom. We will of course keep you posted, as that would be huge breaking news, but really no surprise considering Mr. Weiner’s past of horneyness.

Huma’s divorce attorney is has stated that this should be a very quick process. We asked some top rated divorce attorneys, and have been told the process can be complicated and at times change.

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