Iggy Azalea Booted Nick Young Due To Home Security Camera Sex Tape Videos… We Told Ya So!!!


Man we hate to be right before everyone out there, but again… our source turned out to be spot on.

Iggy announced herself that she in fact caught Nick on home security footage cheating on her with several women while Iggy was away on business.

After we found out last month that Iggy kicked out Nick and moved all his shit outside, we knew it was something serious. So we contacted our insider with Iggy who told us that she caught Nick red handed on his cell phone and some home security sex tape videos of some local sluts, including one that Iggy knows very well.

This as you know was not the first time he was caught straight up cheating on Iggy. He had been recorded talking about all the times he has cheated on Iggy a while back. However, Iggy forgave him for his infidelity. Though this time, as she watched the cheating on tape, she will not be going back to Nick 100% guaranteed!

Now, the big problem with all this is that Nick has shown his buddies sex tape videos of Iggy, and now he may just leak them all out of spite of being caught and called out in front of the world. We shall see ;)