Katie Price Says Marriage To Kieran Hayler Is NOT Over And Tabloid Reporters Suck Ass


According to the Daily Star Online, Katie Price was drunk off her ass and partying hard at Vanilla nightclub in London on Thursday and allegedly shouted about her relationship with Kieran was over.

Problem is, Katie says the story is completely made up horse shit by yet another desperate tabloid, quickly taking to twitter with her concerns:

So according to Katie, she is going to lawyer up and go after the Daily Star for deformation/false reporting.

This is not the first time Katie has had to lawyer up, as she has done it many many times in past. However, we all know about the one time she was reported to have a sex tape that she denied up and down and even tried to sue several sources over, only to find out the tapes where the real deal, and really put the Katie name on the map worldwide.

However, we tend to believe Katie on this most recent scandal, as she is legitimately pissed off and according to those that where with her, they say she never even talked about her relationship with Kieran.