Katt Williams Says Lawsuit With Ashima Franklin Was Already Settled So F*%k Off


Ashima Franklin who sued Katt Williams back in the day for allegedly attacking and kidnapping her, has filed a $3 million dollar law suit against the comedian.

But wait there is a problem, Katt already wrote a check that Ashima cashed at the bank to settle the case out of court.

According to our sources, Ashima blew through the cash she received and now is trying to get her attorneys to get the previous settlement thrown out, as “being under duress and broke”.

Katt’s lawyers on the other hand are not having it, and quickly fired off a letter to her hired guns with a copy of her signature of the settlement and gag order.

In the documents, if Ashima talks about the case to anyone, she must payback the cash that she has already blown through and risks being sued herself.

Katt tells Showbiz Spy that “This is just an example of what we (celebrities) have to deal with on a daily basis man, everyone is always trying to dip into our pockets and not work for their own. She can just F*%k off, for all I care.”

Stay strong Katt, you da man!