Several times the media has tried to get the relationship status between Khloe Kardashian and James Harden right and failed miserably.

And now rumors are flying around yet again that the couple are no longer together all started by US Weekly.

So we had to find out for ourselves through our own sources and sure enough the couple has in fact been done for weeks in fact.

According to a close personal friend of James: “Man they have not even talked on the phone in weeks and James has moved on if you know what I mean.”

We will then take that as a 100% definite that the Kardashian couple is over and out. Though our source could not tell us if it is because of all the Lamar issues, however when we asked: “That does come into play but he is telling all of his peeps that they just had way to different schedules and would never be able to hook up anyways since Khloe is so busy now with the show and all that.” The normal Hollywood break up message. LOL

Well there ya go folks, Khloe is back on the market again, or is she (Lamar Odom).

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