One of the sexiest women on the planet, Kim Kardashian is now said to be struggling at getting some loving from her husband Kanye West, according to the most recent reports.

According to sources by Radar Online “Kim Kardashian has stopped stripping down in her own bedroom, alleging that “her sex life with Kanye West has fizzled, as divorce rumors reach new heights.” However she is still not shy about putting her good on any of her social media accounts:

This comes right after the $25M offer from Steven Hirsch with Vivid for any Kim and Kanye sex tape video. Steve understands that the original Kim K Superstar sex tape was the most profitable video in Vivid’s history. I mean let’s not fool ourselves here, the video was in fact the most downloaded porn of all time and made the Kardashian brand a household name.

ShowbizSpy has a spy within the Kardashian empire and our source confirms to an extent what Radar is reporting, telling us: “It is kind of true, they do not even sleep in the same bed anymore a lot of times. Either he is gone or she is gone… mostly Kanye though. Their marriage is definitely on the rocks. Though reports of a divorce at this time are false.” We put that rumor to rest a while ago. She goes on to tell us: “Kim is a sweetheart and Kanye is a complete douche bag. I get the feeling she is not happy in her marriage, but may be kinda stuck now.”

Only time will tell… in our opinion though, even if Kim and Kanye did get divorced… the Kardashian Empire is going nowhere but up, Kanye can only drag them down with his stupidity.

Kim Kardashian got cornered by local paparazzi and when asked about problems in the bedroom, she replied: “Everything is fine guys, we are all good and loving life.” This will be one to watch closely over the next few weeks.

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