[UPDATE] Mariah Carey is now hinting that James Packer did “something” while in Greece to her assistant, at which point Mariah immediately got off the boat and left.

Yup, the rumors are true, Mariah Carey and her billionaire playboy James Packer have called it quits for now.

The main problem according to several sources, is that James who needs no money whatsoever, can not stand the Mariah Carey reality show. Yet, Mariah has said that she will not give it up.

Other sources are also reporting that the final nail in the plagued relationship, was Mariah’s spending habits.

James is what many would call a penny pincher, as many very wealthy individuals are and could not understand Mariah’s massive spending habits that were effecting the billionaire’s bottom line.

Everyone knew something was amiss after Mariah and her ex Nick kicked it at Mariah’s Halloween party, where Packer was a no-show.

Showbiz Spy reached out for comment from both sides and neither side is saying anything.

This realtionship reminds us a lot of the Lindsay Lohan relationship with her billionaire that also ended up not working out, after rumors of jealousy and massive spending became a problem.

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