As we all know by now, Nick Young is officially a single man, after Iggy caught him red handed cheating on her via security camera footage, that she watched at the house they where sharing after returning from a business trip.

Now, Nick is going buck wild, and threw one hell of a 4th of July party at his massive mansion in Tarzana with friends, alcohol, strippers, drugs and some fireworks, according to an insider that was at the party. “There was naked flesh everywhere later in the night, and the entire house reeked of weed. I went outside in the backyard and there was people having sex on lawn chairs and even in the middle of the basketball court. It was insane, looked like a big 4th of July drunken orgy party from the 70’s.”

Nick was busted several times cheating on Iggy, once in a conversation that was taped on a cell phone, where Nick said straight out that he “was banging some hot ass bitches” and then most recently the house security footage, where when Iggy was away Nick would play with several women, even some girls that Iggy knew personally.

Nick though has proclaimed that it is normal to have infidelities posting a Tweet that said:

The one problem for Iggy is that Nick has some verified very nasty sex tapes of Iggy on his phone, that he has according to sources showed to some of his homies… So, of course it is just a matter of time before those hit. However, unlike last time (Iggy paying off Hefe to not post her sex tape videos with him) Nick does not need the money and may just leak them out of spite/bitterness.

Grab your popcorn, this shit is about to get real!

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