Pamela Anderson Says I Did Not Make A Dime Off My Sex Tapes


Pamela Anderson recently talked with Us Magazine about her sex tape videos with Tommy Lee that where stolen out of the couple’s safe back in the 90’s and went wild online shortly there after.

Pam said:
“The tapes where stolen from us and our counsel said that once they where on the net that it would be almost impossible to remove all copies. So his advice was to sell the rights for profits which is what we thought we were doing when approached by IEG.”
“We sold the rights and they made millions for many years and never sent us (Tommy & Pam) a dime of the profits.”
“I see how profitable all these celebrity sex tapes have been lately and it just makes me sick that we missed the boat so much by selling our rights away.”

There was over 2hrs of video that was put together from a day out on the lake and other videos from around the house with Tommy.

Pamela has also been taped with other rockers even prior to the Tommy Lee videos leaking… like the videos that made rounds of a threesome with front man singer Bret Michael’s for the rock group Poison.