Rob Kardashian popped the marriage question to Blac Chyna and she said yes as you can see from the big rock and smile on her face!

YES !…!…!

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Here is video on how the couple celebrated the announcement at the strip club:

There has been a ton of family feuding about the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna relationship, as Blac is BFF’s with Amber Rose who has been known in the past to be a wrench in the Kardashian/Kanye relationship, that has now been reported as on the rocks. There was also the issue of Khloe Kardashian coming home from “working” and freaking out after seeing Blac in her house, thus why Rob moved in with Blac. So, it appears that one Kardashian may tie the knot while the other Kim K goes the opposite direction.

There is also the fact that Chyna went on record saying she is totally open to selling the rights to her current and future sex tape videos. That in the eyes of the Kardashian family would take away from an empire that was built on Kim’s full video with Ray J.

So far, no one in the Kardashian/Jenner crew has commented on the most recent Kardashian engagement news, though we assume they are not happy about the news.

The burning question is Chyna’s real name is Angela White, so will she go by Angela Kardashian or Blac Kardashian? LOL

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    Blac Kardashian… hahaha fitting for the Kardashian clan.