Salute For The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Video Flag!


Kanye West never missed a beat at a recent Worthy Farm festival after a buddy walked up to him on stage and pointed out that someone in the crowd was waving a huge flag of Kim Kardashian sucking Ray J off from the popular video.

The prankster at the Glastonbury fest put together the prank with some buddies and had no idea how big the trend would be as it soon caught wind on Twitter and went viral after just a few seconds.

Kim Kardashian did see the flag while her husband Kanye performed but quickly turned back around as if nothing happened. Kanye then at the end of his performance said:”she was the inspiration behind one of his love songs.”

There was several thousand Twitter tags to the couple just to make sure they did not miss the huge flag blowing in the wind. One of them said: “@KimKardashian @kanyewest @RayJ little flag for you to look out for tonight #Glastonbury2015 #Glasto”

Audience members said that Kanye did not look the least bit amused and even pointed it out to staff in the back stage area.