Saved By The Bell Celebrity Lark Voorhies Busted Sex Tape Videos


After just 6 months of marriage to Jimmy Green who was on the run from the law part of that time scandal has erupted and now “Saved by the Bell” star Lark Voorhies says she wants a divorce.

This did not go over well with her man Jimmy Green as of yesterday he is shopping the couples sex tapes and says that he has hours of hardcore sexual content available to the highest bidder.

Lark took to the media saying she had no idea she was being filmed… Immediately Jimmy fired back saying for someone that does not know they are being filmed you sure do look into the camera a lot. Lark had no reply after being called out by her soon to be ex-hubby.

Sources say that the sex tapes of Lark Voorhies are authentic and there is a lot of quality footage.

If you are unsure who Lark Voorhies is… Here is a video of her playing Lisa from back in the Saved By The Bell days: