A rep for Adidas has just replied to our inquiry about the brand looking at Blac Chyna as a model/spokeswoman per her attorneys press release.

Our Adidas rep is telling us that the “offer” is completely made up bull shit, and at no time has Blac Chyna been on their radar of celebs to help push their brand. Though as we all know, they had been after Kylie Jenner for a VERY long time.

So it seems yet again more bogus news comes out about the Chyna camp, seems to be happening on a daily basis now. We are not sure what the hell is going on here, but it seems she is doing and saying everything she can to stay in the celeb light, that appears to be fading rather quickly.

There is still of course the entire major issue with all the sex tape video footage she has of herself with Tyga and Rob Kardashian, that she has confirmed to several sources she does have. If you remember, back in the day she also claimed a home break in, where someone conveniently stole some shit out of her home safe, and on the list of goods taken, was of course some sexual tapes staring both Blac Chyna and Amber Rose with several top Hollywood celebs.

Look for more sex tapes of Blac to leak very soon, according to a source VERY close to Blac.

Blac’s attorneys have put out a statement on the Adidas false report, coming directly from their office… “At this time we have no comment” LOL!

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