Ok people, when are you going to learn?…

Shortly after winning Superbowl 51 reports started being shared via social media that Tom and Gisele had a sex tape porn video leak to the web. This was nothing more than another social media click-bait post that duped web surfers again.

We have watched the so called sex tape of Tom and Gisele, and can confirm with 100% confidence that the people in the video are not Tom or Gisele. Even as much as we wanted them to be!

ShowbizSpy reached out to both Tom and Gisele’s reps, but have yet to hear back. We understand they are probably pretty busy, ya know, after Tom just won Superbowl 51 and all, his 5th win we might add.

Now, with that said Tom’s wife Gisele has been caught up in several nude scandals from back when she dated Leonardo DiCaprio early in her modeling career, including sex tape video rumors. There was also of course the Fappening, that leaked several nude images of Gisele along with several thousand other high profile models and celebs.

But for now, sorry everyone… a Tom Brady sex tape video does not really exist, and you will simply have to watch all the thousands of other celebs that have leaked their own sex tapes! Maybe some day we will get lucky enough to see the best NFL football quarterback of all time knocking the boots with his smoking hot supermodel wife, but as of right now, the rumors going around are completely false.

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