Come on Jay Z, WTF are you thinking bra?!

TMZ broke the ‘fashion statement’ where Jay Z was pictured in Manhattan on Wednesday wearing a hat labeled “Retired Drug Dealer” with ranking stripes. The big problem is that the hat is almost an exact copy of United States veteran and public servant hats, and is considered by many as being extremely disrespectful.

Vets at the local Manhattan regional office on West Houston St New York, NY are telling ShowbizSpy, that wearing a hat that imitates our fine retired veterans and public servants, is like a slap in the face to people that have given their lives for this great Nation.

Police officers working in the 9th Precinct on E 5th St tell ShowbizSpy that “this type of thing is what is wrong with the world, you see celebrities that have a major influence on our youth like this Jay Z character showing his pride of being a former drug dealer. This is showing nothing more than disrespect and influences young black youth that it is ok to start out selling drugs and doing dirt to make it in life. Just look at how Jay Z turned out, ya know what I mean?.”

Jay Z should go easy on this issue, as we all already know his wife Beyonce has pissed off local public servants that protect them in several cities with her anti police/black power music videos and live shows. Like the one she performed at the Superbowl that caused such a ruckus.

We reached out to Jay Z’s reps, however they have not returned our calls as of yet for comment.

So we gotta ask, what do you think… is this disrespectful, fashion or just a damn baseball cap?

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